Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Since when did doing the honourable hurt so much? I was trying to do, well actually did, something honourable (thinking with the grey matter instead of my prick). To imagine that it would bring any iota of relief was totally flushed down the sewers the moment I did. So one wonders if plato really did anything to prove his philosophies. Did the old sage really pratised what he preached? I think there's a reasonable degree of doubt in that.....

Ouch! Ain't easy being goody

Thursday, August 31, 2006


Ripped off by Uncle Tony..

There's a reason why I didn't fly Air Asia for the past couple of years. shoddy service. Come what may, since it's a long weekend off so I fiugured why not? With all the positive press they are getting, one assumes that Air Asia would have up their game - so I booked my self a flight on merdeka eve to catch up with old friends in KL.
Everything went well up to the point when the ground staff announced that there would be a 30min delay due to 'operational requirements'. Fair enough, for the price that I'm paying, what's a slight delay.
So we managed to get into the new airbus a few minutes before the ammended schedule. New plane, leather seats, reluctantly smiling crew... So far so good (quite)
Was feeling a tad hungry after take-off, probably due in part to the delay, so I thumbed thru the in flight menu.. Nasi goreng, snacks, satay, sandwiches..hmm 'One of the best nasi lemak in town', according to new straits times. Picture looks good and RM12 isn't gonna hurt the pocket too much so why not?
Viola! Here's Uncle Tony's Real Con Job...and it's not the glorified bus station that's LCCT
Whilst, we all accept that pictures always look better than the real thing, what the so-called stewardess (more like KTM attendant to me) served up was a real howler.. A picture speaks a thousand words (see below)
What you see.........

Ain't what you get, save the Kit Kat
"Mouth Watering Selection" - nothing but legalized con. Next time you travel Air Asia, just pack your own Big Mac or Open Air 'Gu Bak Mee' The menu tastes better than the actual food I'd bet.
Nonetheless, hat's off to Uncle Tony and Co. for ripping me off, even on Merdeka Eve.
Now that's the spirit.. KeranaMU Malaysia, Hanya Di Malaysia..Gemilang, Berbilang, Terbilang bla bla bla.

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Papier Mache Patriotism....

Once again, as the curtain draws on the month of August, the whole nation is generally in high spirits - politicians, radio stations, corporations and all, towing the patriotic line.
While one must not discredit this sense of 'national pride', we must refrain from letting society degenerate into a 'holier than thou' which hunt for the so called 'unpatriotic' or 'ungrateful'.

Yes, one may show the love of one's nation by proudly hanging the country's flag(s) on one's house, shop, office, car, bike, sampan, mamak stall etc but those who choose not to shouldn't be treated as less patriotic. Don't give a damn if you have a couple hundred flags adorned on your kancil. I have zit and i'm no less patriotic than you! I'll salute you if you keep the flags on 365 days a year.

Patriotism is not about singing anthems, waving flags and sucking up to ministers or politicians. True patriotism is not something meant to be shown off during parades. True patriotism is something that should be in our hearts and minds 24, 7!

Doesn't help when our so called 'elected leaders' put political and personal agenda on this - if you don't display the flag, you ain't a patriot. You're an ungrateful traitor.

What do you say when the same politicos who wave flags are indicted for corruption? What about crooket cops and civil servants on the take? Nobody's less patriotic than the guy or girl next door. Patriotism transcends race, religion and caste and should never be used as a weapon to chastise enemies, as is sadly, too commonly practiced here and everywhere.

So for me the true patriots are the workers in the fields, on the sites and in the front lines - everyday heroes - the farmers, the labourers, the fishermen, the troops, the office workers, most of whom having to brave the rain or shine or haze (thanks to bambang) even on Aug 31st when the rest of us are either 'celebrating' patriotism or still hungover from last night's parties.

Everyday heroes..

As I salute these oft-forgotten unsung heroes, you hypocytical and two faced 'patriots' can paint the flag on their behinds for all I care..

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Hold that thought..

When was the last time we saw this? Albeit it's early on in the season, fans all over must be quitely getting more confident, especially after last night's stumble by mour and co.

While I'm the last one ever to write fergie off, one must also sound a word of caution lest we get a little over our heads.. It's early days and the key word is consistency. So let's not put too much hope (thus pressure) on the lads as yet.. Give em a couple of months to grow from strength to strength...and if we're still up there come December then 'let the reds go marching on!'

Good omens though - First we have Ole back and scoring. We all know what stuff he's made of. When he's rolling we always win something.
Then we have the roon and ronny episode - If my memory hasn't forsaken me, the last time one of our players came back from a World Cup to be ridiculed by the rest of the league and taunted at at every ground save Old Trafford ( yes, becks in 98), we did the treble..Hint hint.


hai......"On the palm is meat, the back of your hand also meat"

"Dilemma" is best described by the age old chinese adage which losely translates to the phrase above. Now i understand the torment that you'd expect Fergie to go thru before selecting his first eleven week in week out. At least he has the luxury to select 11 plus 3 subs.



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